It all began in 1967 when Father John, just married mother Feliciana, decided to move from low Como (Cirimido-Guanzate) to begin his adventure "prestinèe" (Baker in dialect) in Como.
So, after having done a run in Milan, first as apprentice and then as a baker, with little money but a great desire to work, he decided to start his own business and run its "bakery" to Monteolimpino, helped mostly by my mom and some relative.
Shortly after we were born: Consuelo and Eleanor, and soon we miss that mother gave birth both times between the baskets of warm bread fresh from the oven!
Thanks to their tenacity and their sacrifices, in a very short time "of ul pan Giuan" loved the job and was always increasing, until decidesero to open its first store just Monteolimpino and after a few years a second center in Como third Tavernerio.

                                                                                                             Eleonora Volontè